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My name is ShuWan
I stay at Kuala Lumpur.
17 years old this year : )



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Simplicity aww

Hey , i have to say here ;about my skins, i failed to do it .The scripts are driving me crazy! Finally done it but it's not done by myself. Holyshitttttttt * Thank fer Elisa <3> I've gone months go i think! One of the reason is am so lazy ,else i busy with my school life Homework ! But still i wish i could maintain this good of attitude,yeaa keep it please;DD and and and Now, im starting work as telemarketing. Well, its a really easy job .So , from now i only have free time on weekend to share something here. Hssss, i still have lot of project need to finish it . It's time to go, byeeeeeeee ;D

1:51 AM

The really first time

Seriously , this is the really first time .. Get shocked LOL while face this happen. NO MORE AGAIN PLEASE!! Still got the mood for capture uh.. I think i gonna dissapear for two weeks more, no more blogging here after CNY-chinese new year i back from my hometown.It;s PENANG.. Can guess so i'll getting fatty while around CNY, it's really lot yummy food at there.. Can't even imagine that my fatty face my fatty body arghHHH!! suennn !

Bing bang**

The pretty fruit tart-after accident

12:54 AM

A beauty white lie that you gave me

Two weeks gone, feeling much more better now. This few week i tried to cover up my eye not to see anything about you But end up can't.I havent felt this way before,everything i do still will remind me of you.And you still busy with your job? Please take more rest !!

Went midvalley with my sis yesterday..She was finding some new skin care product..but end up i just bought a concealer , foundation and some body care things oshh at the body shop..Really nothing can shop Well we sweet home early .
New year is coming and still we not yet finished bought our stuff. This week must be finish it,DON;T CARE!! PPPppsss,no point == ciaoz

E.N.D ed

1:47 AM

Let's said nevermind!

ARRrrrrGGggggHHhhhh . Non-stop with the arguement!! What's wrong ?? Last said im already tired duuuuuuuuuttttt *
School reopen start from MONday till nows, feelings im was soSosoOo free , everyone hard and doing
prepare their owns works , am i ? It;s really time to pay tention with study LOL. . .
c.k.w i do miss you right now! Hope it;s alright .

6:17 AM

First day on years of 2010, i'm not happy

Im so so not in the mood Since yesterday the arguement start untill now !! I hope 2010 was a great year to me but now maybe it's not . I will remember what you guys told me today and deep !! Everything start changed , changed to horrible, changed to complicated. . . . . . . . . =(

1:59 AM

Jingle bell jingle bell ,Merry Christmas

Hey, Merry Christmas to every darlings. How would you all spend your day on christmas eve? And i still work in the pretty morning untill noon went friends house for waiting he come pick me up. Wtff, eleven more just came because he was confuse with the road. Then went him sister new house for celebrate Christmas, and i said. Actually is not celebrate, i don't know how to share that here. Haaaaaaa so .. Around 1am he bring me home x) And today was my off day because its public holiday ,wuhoooOo lala. Tommorow i'll take off because gonna accompany ms.choong went to ask about the hair course.

6:42 PM

20dec09- Outing

A short post here,i better to post this fast . Erhm, finished prepare about an hours go. He come pick me up to L house because have to send her to her boy house .About 6pm more headed to pavillion to see the snow . Osh! JAMMMM, wtf . The way him friend put the smelly taufu inside our car >< Dammm. The same thing i meet up with yitheng too. The gift was nice i like it x) miss. 8more see the snow , it's really nothing special lolx== I believe you heard that before ,the toilet T-bowl restaurant,design are base on concept bathroom too.And we take our dinner there .About 11pm back. Just a shortshort post.HAaa

thanks , mwarks!!

the view inside the t-bowl
the menu

mines,din't take their orders.swTT

Night night,byeeeeee*

9:58 PM